• RatBait's range of rat and pest control products will assist in ridding your property of undesired infestations. Whether you're a professional pest control specialist, or are looking carry out some DIY and rid your home of pests yourself, we have the product to help.

    Depending on your particular circumstance, the best resolution for your pest problem could be in the form of trapping; such as the occasional rodent or a fly infestation. In other cases, rodent poison may provide the most effective solution. If you have any questions, regarding your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch and a member of our specialist team will be happy to assist.

    Since the 1st June 2016, we require proof of competence when purchasing all rodenticides marked, 'Professional Use Only'. Find out more.
  • Insect Control
Red Top Fly Catcher
Red Top Fly Catcher

This is an easy to use fly trap. Simply fill with water and hang up.

Ficam W
Ficam W

Ficam W a broad spectrum residual insecticide containing Bendiocarb. Add 15g to 5 litres of water to cover 100 square metres of surface area.

Dethlac Spray Insecticide
Dethlac Spray Insecticide

Once applied Dethlac dries to a clear film that kills crawling insects. Remains effective for months.

Farm Assurance Schemes
From April 2016 onwards, rodenticide products with new ‘stewardship conditions’ labels for use outside by professionals, including farmers, will be introduced carrying the following statement: “For supply to and use only by professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with UK rodenticide stewardship regime requirements”.

For a list of exempt farm assurance schemes please click the link below.

List of Farm Assurance Schemes
Which Rat or Mouse Poison Do I Need?
Difenacoum. Product ranges include Neosorexa, Roban and Brigand Difenacoum. These products contain 0.005% Difenacoum and can be used indoors and outdoors for the contol of rats and mice. Difenacoum rat and mouse poisons an available in pack sizes for professionals and amateurs.

Bromadiolone. Product ranges include Bromag, Rodex, Tomcat and Brigand Bromadiolone. These products contain 0.005% Bromadiolone and can be used indoors and outdoors for the control of rats and mice. Bromadiolone rat poisons are available in amateur and professional versions.

Brodifacoum. Product ranges include Vertox, Jaguar. These products contain 0.005% Brodifacoum and can only used indoors for the control of rats and mice. All of our Brodifacoum poisons are for professional use only.

Difethialone. Product ranges include Rodilion. These products 0.0025% Difethialone and can only used indoors for the control of rats and mice. Our range for Difethialone poisons are for trained individuals only.

Flocoumafen. Product ranges include Storm. These products 0.005% Flocoumafen and can only used indoors for the control of rats and mice. Storm Secure is a professional only rat poison.