Smoke Generators

Insecticidal smoke generators control of a wide range of insect pests including fleas, flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, moths, carpet beetle and cockroaches.

A range of pack sizes is available from mini and midi which are approved in the UK and Ireland for amateur use, to the larger maxi and jumbo sizes for professional use.

  • The fumers are suitable for use in the work place, factories, offices and warehouses; in the home, loft areas, kitchens etc and for clearing shipping containers of insect pests.
  • ¬†Agropharm fumers are made to our own specially designed formula and incorporate permethrin as the active insecticide killing ingredient.
  • The special non sparking fuse system of the amateur range has been designed for extra safety and ease of operator use.
  • The fumers leave no residual smell or deposit after use.

Jumbo fumers treat up to 4000m3
Maxi fumers treat up to 1000m3
Midi fumers treat up to 400m3
Mini fumers treat up to 120m3

Fortefog fumers can be purchased here.

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