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Fenn Trap Mark 4

Product code: 8994A
The Fenn Trap Mk 4 is traditional sprung trap with treadle trigger mechanism for the control of squirrels and rats.

ratbait.co.uk recommendation: These are genuine UK manufactured Fenn Traps. Care should be taken when using Fenn Traps to avoid trapping non-target species by placing in covered runs or burrows or by using a suitable artificial tunnel.
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Fenn Trap Mark 4 | Traps for Squirrels and Rats
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Bodygrip Trap #116
Bodygrip Trap #116

Magnum 166 Bodygrip Traps catch and kill rats, weasels, stoats, grey squirrels, rabbits and mink.

Fenn Trap MK 6
Fenn Trap MK 6

The Fenn Trap Mk 6 must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is suitable for minimising the chances of injuring or killing non-target species whilst not compromising the capture and killing of target species.

WCS Tube Trap
WCS Tube Trap

A quality trap that incorporates a tunnel making it easy for operatives to comply with the UK's requirement regarding tunnel protection. The WCS Tube Trap can be used either baited or un-baited.