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Jaguar Blox Brodifacoum Poison

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Brand: Jaguar

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Professional Product: Jaguar Blox contains the powerful active ingredient brodifacoum, the strongest, single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today. Jaguar poison is effective in controlling both rats and mice and works especially well to clean out persistent infestations.

  • Multiple edges also appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw
  • Highly weather resistant rat blocks
  • 20g bait blocks with central fixing hole
  • Unsurpassed rodent acceptance and control
To control rats place 1 to 3 Jaguar blocks at intervals of 5 to 10 metres.

To control mice place 1 Jaguar block every 2 to 5 metres where mouse activity has been observed.

For more information download Jaguar Blox label and safety data sheet

Professional Use Only: Please note this product is to be used by professional users. To complete the purchase of this product you will need to prove an appropriate certification or membership upon request. For more information please see www.thinkwildlife.org. If you are a new customer and we don't have a record of your certification or membership, a member of the team will contact you for confirmation before dispatch.

If you do not have a certificate, please see below these professional strength (but in a smaller pack) rat poison alternatives:

If you are unsure which poison you need, please call us on 01842 765 634 for free help and advice on the best way to cure your rodent control problem.

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