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Roban Excel Difenacoum Bait Blocks

Product code: 8668B
Brand: Roban

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Professional Product: Roban Excel Blocks are palatable to both rats and mice and have a hole through the centre that allows the blocks to be securely anchored in a bait station.

Each bait block weighs 20g and contains 50ppm of the second generation anticoagulant difenacoum. They also contain a unique chocolate attractant and the design of the bait block encourages the rodents natural desire to gnaw.

Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity, like fresh droppings, inside or near nests and burrows, runways and rodent feeding places. Place bait points throughout the infested area.

To control rats place up to 10 blocks every 10 metres. Reduce this to every 5 metres if there is a high level of infestation. If no block have been taken from a baiting point after 7-10 days move to an area of higher activity.

To control mice place 2 blocks every 5 metres. Reduce this to every 2 metres in areas of high infestation. It may help the mouse control programme to move the bait points each time they are checked or replenished.

Protect baits from access by non-target species and water by using a suitable bait station. Where these are not available use sections of drainage pipe, slate, board or corrugated iron. Ensure the blocks are secured to prevent removal by rodents. These blocks may be nailed or wired in place.

If all the bait has been eaten from a specific area increase the number of baiting points. Do not increase the bait point size as this could pose a risk to wildlife.

When using difenacoum baits the rodent will often die out of sight in a burrow or nest. If any dead bodies are discover this should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

For more information download the Roban Excel label and safety data sheet.

Professional Use Only: Please note this product is to be used by professional users. To complete the purchase of this product you will need to prove an appropriate certification or membership upon request. For more information please see www.thinkwildlife.org. If you are a new customer and we don't have a record of your certification or membership, a member of the team will contact you for confirmation before dispatch.

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