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Storm Secure Rat and Mouse Poison Blocks 3kg Tub

Product code: 8919
BRAND: Storm
Storm Secure Blocks are highly potent single feed rat and mouse poison blocks containing flocoumafen.

The most potent modern rat killer, flocoumafen delivers a lethal dose in a single feed for the best possible control. It is also highly effective against mice and particularly valuable for controlling difficult rat and mouse populations.

Storm rodenticides are now approved for use around as well as inside buildings.

Storm Secure Blocks features and benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • A central hole allows each block to be anchored securely in baiting points for the best targeting and to prevent removal.
  • Especially valuable in sensitive locations, where non-target species risk is particularly high and for external burrow baiting.
Using Storm Secure Blocks strategically with other multi-feed rodenticides like Neosorexa Gold can form an important element in anti-resistance strategies.

With Storm it only takes four applications of restricted amounts of bait over a 21-day programme to achieve control. Rats and mice feeding on the first baiting will be dead in 3 to 5 days.

Further applications at day 3 and day 7 will target individuals previously excluded from feeding by the more dominant feeders and a final application at day 14 will clear up any stragglers.

After day 21 it is important to remove any uneaten bait and dispose of any dead rodents.

This 3kg tub of Storm Secure rat poison contains approximately 150 x 20g mould and moisture resistant blocks.

Please read the label and safety data sheet before use. For further information on Storm please download this leaflet.

Storm is for professional use.
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Storm Secure Rat and Mouse Poison Blocks 3kg Tub
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