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Rat Bait Online Store
As an independent rat bait and pest control stockist we supply rodent control products and insecticides to control pests and other vermin that can be found in and around domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties.

We are a reputable seller with 5 out of 5 Stars and an E Trusted Shops Certified store with over 450 recent reviews. if you are a home owner and do not hold a valid rodent control certification of farm assurance scheme, you can purchase our personal use rat poisons for the home and garden.

For more information, free advice or to talk to an adviser please contact us, email sales@ratbait.co.uk or call 01842 765 634.
Popular Winter Rodent Control Products
Every winter sees an increase in many rodents and pests. Whilst numbers don't generally increase, the cold weather and lack of food in fields forces many pests to seek warmth and food from more populated areas. 

Popular Products:
To help in your fight against pests, please contact us to discuss your need or requirement by emailing sales@ratbait.co.uk or call our technical support team on 01842 765 634.