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Brodifacoum Rat Poison Kit

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Brand: AFS

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Killing rats around the home needs extra care – especially when pets and children are present. Safely offering rat poison in a locked and secure rat bait box or tunnel is the easiest way to kill rats around your home in an effective and safe manner.

This rat poison and box pack is designed especially for around the home – offering pre-weighed dosages to be entered straight into the rat tunnel which can then be locked for safety. This pack includes 2 x 300gm Vertox25 Octablok II and 2 x Bora rat bait stations.

There is a common mis-conception that you need large amounts of rat poison to kill rats and that just isn’t the case. With our Brodifacoum based rat poison, the average rat needs to eat just 4 grams to work effectively, and each of our tubs contains 15 x 20gm blocks!

Rat Poison Home Pack Benefits
  • Vertox25 Octablok II rat killer is packed in 300g tubs, 15 x 20gm blocks that allows for precision baiting
  • Place 4 blocks per bait station   
  • Suitable for infestations of up to 30 rats
  • Pack contains 2 x 300gm tubs and Lockable Rat Bora bait station  
Each station should be checked every few days for any signs of rats in the tube and eating the poison - if large amount of poisons have been eaten, replenish with spare sachets.

For areas of high rat activity, we suggest placing a station every 5 - 10 metres.

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