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Cimetrol Super 500ml

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Brand: Cimetrol

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Cimetrol Super is the product of choice for dependable bedbug control. Formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion incorporating a micro-capsule suspension, Cimetrol Super allows rapid access of the active ingredient to the insect through the oil-in-water emulsion, while providing long-lasting residual control with the micro encapsulates.

In addition to bedbugs Cimetrol Super will also control fleas, cockroaches, beetles (and their larvae), flies, mosquitoes, moths (and their larvae) and wasps.

Cimetrol Super can be used inside all domestic, commercial and industrial premises including kitchens, hotels, dormitories and sleeping areas, hospitals (excluding occupied wards), military establishments and food storage and processing areas.

To use Cimetrol Super add a small quantity of water to a suitable compression sprayer and then add product according to the table below. Add the remainder of the water, close the sprayer securely, shake to mix contents. Pressurise according to the sprayer manufacturer’s instructions. One litre of ready-for-use spray treats 20 square metres of surface. Make up spray as required. Do not store spray overnight.
Target Pest Cimetrol Super Water Comments
Crawling Insects
Routine Treatment
Heavy Infestation

5 Litres
5 Litres
Maintenance or ‘spot’ treatment
Attack or ’clean-out’ treatment
Flying Insects
Routine Treatment
25ml 5 Litres For the control of ‘resting insects’

Apply the diluted Cimetrol Super as a coarse low pressure spray. Some surfaces will absorb more spray, e.g. brickwork or concrete, whereas surfaces such as metal or plastic will allow spray to easily ‘run off’ significantly reducing the deposit rate of the active material on the surface. Several passes of a light spray each allowed to dry is more effective when treating non-porous surfaces.

Bedbugs: Apply spray to harbourages and resting places on bedframes, headboards and to cracks and crevices around or near the sleeping area. Pay special attention to any loose wall coverings near the sleeping area and to cracks and crevices in bedroom fittings and furniture. Treat under loose floor coverings and around door frames, picture frames and wall cupboards etc.

Fleas: Prior to treatment, thoroughly vacuum the area and seal the contents of the vacuum bag before disposal in the refuse. Apply spray to carpets and soft furnishings, including the underside of cushions and to areas regularly occupied by domestic animals.

Cockroaches and other crawling insects: Apply to areas where insects are found, e.g. skirting boards, storage areas, around water pipes, door frames, window frames, around and behind refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, stoves and the underside of drawers and shelves and to cracks and crevices behind wall-mounted units or fixtures.

Cimetrol Super contains 25% w/w Cypermetrin, 10% w/w Tetramethrin, 20% w/w Pieronyl butoxide and 1% w/w of the insect growth regulator Pyriproyfen, formulated as a micro-capsule suspended in an oil in water emulsion.

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