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Cluster Buster | Non-Toxic Cluster Fly Trap

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Brand: Cluster Buster

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Cluster Buster fly traps are an effective way to eliminate the cluster fly problem and can hold over a 1000 of these troublesome insects. Once filled with cluster flies, the trap can easily be removed and replaced, normally once a year.

A tastefully designed, moulded plastic device that attaches to any window pane using a super-adhesive strip. Hidden inside this appliance is a thick blanket of patented, non-toxic odor suppressing QuickSand powder.

Any flying pest that has invaded your home is attracted to the light radiating through your windows. These insects hit the glass and fall directly into the Cluster Buster, where the powder clings to their feet and hairs, preventing escape. Once trapped and out of sight, the struggling flies sink deeper into the powder as though trapped in quicksand, piling the insects layer upon layer.

The Cluster Buster has no sticky liners or foul smelling liquids to replace, no chemicals to harm our environment, and works silently until its chamber is full.

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