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Collarum Fox Trap

Product code: 8962A
Brand: Collarum

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The Collarum trap is designed to capture foxes by throwing a cable loop over their head and around their neck. The end of the capture loop is anchored in the ground and the fox is is held safely. It is fox specific because of the trigger mechanism, which requires a pull action rather than the push/depress mechanism usually employed by traps. This virtually eliminates catching animals other than foxes

This trap is much safer to utilize in areas where people, pets and other domestic animals may come in contact with it. An unknowing human springing the Collarum is at little risk. Animals other than foxes are very unlikely to be caught in this device even if the spring it. Unlike fox cage-traps which are large, bulky and difficult to conceal the Collarum is light, compact and easy to hide. This gives it distinct advantages for users in high visibility areas. The Collarum has proven its effectiveness in capturing foxes that refuse to approach a cage trap or tolerate the close approach of humans.

Download the Collarum setting instructions.

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