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Decimax B Rat Poison - Professional Strength 1.5kg

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Brand: Decimax

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Decimax B is a highly effective rat killer containing professional strength Bromadiolone poison in a pack size that can be supplied to the public.

Bromadiolone poisons are used by pest controllers to manage rat infestations indoors and outside (around buildings). Areas of use at home include gardens, sheds, loft spaces, under kitchen cabinets. Decimax B can also be used to control rats in factories, warehouses and restaurants.

How to use the rat poison in the UK:-
  • Decimax B rat killer is packed in 50g sachets that allows for precision baiting.
  • This rat poison must conjunction with a suitable baiting point such as the Decimax rat bait station.
  • Place two unopened (the pack is edible) sachets of rat poison in each bait station.
  • Position the bait stations every 10 metres through the infested area, this can be reduced to every 5 metres in areas of high rat infestation.
  • Check the bait stations daily and replace any poison that has been consumed by rodents.
The 1.5kg tub of Decimax B rat killer contains 30 x 50g sachets of whole wheat poison.

For more information download the Decimax B label.

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