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Decimax Rat Bait Tunnel

Product code: 8050KI
Brand: Decimax

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Decimax rat bait tunnels have several features that appeal to pest controllers and enables baiting points to be created in a safe, secure and successful manner.

CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticde Use) states that care should be taken to ensure that bait is sufficiently protected to avoid accidentally poisoning other mammals and birds.

Bait stations should be appropriate to the prevailing circumstances. They should provide access to the bait by rodents, while reducing the risks of non-target access and interference by unauthorised persons. They should protect the bait from contamination by dust or rain. Their design, construction and placement should be such that interference is minimised.

As these bait tunnels are lockable and can only be opened with the key provided they will prevent access to poisons by unauthorised persons, in particular children.

They will protect baits from the weather. Some poisons will break down in damp conditions and become unpalatable to pest rodents.

Each bait tunnel comes with a metal rod for use with all popular rat bait blocks and pasta bait formulations.

Use Decimax bait tunnels to create baiting points throughout areas where there are signs of rat activity such as burrows or droppings. The tunnels should be baited and placed every 10 metres apart in areas of activity. This distance should be reduced to every 5 metres in areas of high activity.

The bait tunnels should be checked frequently and initially daily inspection my be required to replenish the eaten bait.

If after 7 days the bait has not been eaten from a particular tunnel move it to an area of higher activity.

Decimax bait tunnels measure 280mm x 100mm x 90mm and one key is supplied free of charge per order.

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