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Roban Oktablok Difenacoum Rat Bait 1KG

Product code: 8997
Brand: Roban

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Roban Oktabloks are formulated to be attractive to all pest rodents.
  • Can be used in damp conditions.
  • Unique chocolate attractant.
  • Excellent bait ‘take’.
  • 50ppm Difenacoum.
This poison is approved for use in the following areas: indoors, outdoors around buildings, outdoors in open areas, outdoor use in waste dumps, in sewers.

Place bait where there is evidence of rodent activity, such as droppings, inside or near nests and burrows, runways and feeding areas. Place bait points throughout the infested area.

To control rats place up to 10 blocks every 10 metres. If there is a high rat infestation reduce this to every 5 metres. If no bait is taken after 7 to 10 days move to an area of higher activity.

To control mice place up to 2 blocks every 5 metres. If there is a high mouse infestation reduce this to every 2 metres. Mice are inquisitive and it may help the control programme to move the bait points each time they are checked or replenished. 

Check bait points daily and replace any poison that has been eaten or contaminated.

Protect baits from non-target species and children by using a suitable bait station. Where these are not available protect baits under sections of slate, board or corrugated iron. Where possible secure the baits so rodents cannot remove them.

If all the bait has been eaten from a specific area increase the number of bait points, do not increase the bait point size.

When using this poison rodents will often die out of sight in nests or burrows. If any dead rodents are discovered these should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

For more information download the Roban Oktablok label and safety data sheet.

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