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Rodex25 Whole Wheat Home Use Rat Poison 150G

Product code: 8998A
Brand: Pelgar

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Rodex25 whole wheat bait is ideal for the control of rats in and around buildings, especially where they
have previously been feeding on seed or grain based foods. The new Rodex25 rat poison from Pelgar is the latest in a range of home use rat poisons where you don't need certification.

Any poison, including Rodex25 must always be used in tamper resistant rat bait station to ensure safety at all times.

Contains bromadiolone 0.0025% w/w and denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w.

Rodex25 Whole Wheat Poison Usage Guidelines
Small rat infestation: 3-4 sachets
Large rat infestation: 5-10+ sachets

Each pack contains 150 grams of whole wheat rat poison.

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