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Sorexa D Mouse Poison

Product code: 8948
Brand: Sorexa

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Professional Product. You cannot purchase this product without a Rodent Control Certificate or without being a member of a Farm Assurance scheme: Sorexa D is an extremely palatable mouse poison which ensures good bait take. Ideal for treating high mouse populations in areas where competitive food is already available.
  • High quality canary seed mouse bait for consistent control
  • Exceptionally palatable to mice
  • Thorough rodenticide impregnation
  • Active mould protection
For more information download the Sorexa D label or safety data sheet.

Professional Use Only: Please note the 3 and 10KG versions of this product is to be used by professional users. To complete the purchase of this product you will need to prove an appropriate certification or membership upon request. For more information please see www.thinkwildlife.org. If you are a new customer and we don't have a record of your certification or membership, a member of the team will contact you for confirmation before dispatch.

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If you are unsure which poison you need, please call us on 01842 765 634 for free help and advice on the best way to cure your rodent control problem.

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